Ahhh…yes…that’s KonAroma


Aloha! Every year at KonAroma farms the cycle starts anew from the pruning to the flowering to the fall harvest when the 25 mile Kona coffee road bursts forth with colorful red berries, ready for the picking. With the brilliant morning sun streaming through the fields, the coffee trees on KonAroma Farm shimmer in the sun. As the sun slowly fades at noon and the clouds start forming, the rain gives the trees the much needed moisture. At an ideal 2500 foot elevation, the combination of sun, moisture and the “Kona” volcanic soil allow the trees to produce a most delicious smooth coffee. 


Ahhh…yes…that’s KonAroma


Each spring, after the last of the beans are harvested in late February, the month-long process of careful pruning  begins.  The trees slowly begin budding and flowering throughout April and May when the “snows of  Kona,” showcase their delicate and fragrant flower, an offshoot of the Gardenia family.

(KonAroma Farm's Truck.)

Throughout the summer, the momentum picks up as the flower develops into a bean, a very colorful bean. On one branch green beans turn into shades of yellows, oranges and finally – the ripe for picking – cherry red. This 7 month cycle is now ready for the fall harvest. 


(Maturing green coffee cherry.)

Kona coffee beans are cultivated in only one part of the world on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa on the Big  Island of Hawaii.  We sell only our single Estate coffee, grown on our farm and not mixed with coffee from any other  farm. When you visit Kona, call (617) 943-9711 for a tour and sample the delicious 100% KonAroma. You’ll agree…….


Ahhh…yes…that’s KonAroma


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("Snow of Kona" flower blossoming on a KonAroma coffee tree.)

(Every coffee farm needs a donkey!)

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(Burlap sacks of freshly picked KonAroma coffee cherry.)