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Mrs. Drowsy

Mrs. Drowsy answers all of your questions ~ I want to know…..

Q. Is it true Mrs. Drowsy that dark roasted coffee does not contain any more caffeine than lighter roasts?

A. Yes, contrary to popular opinion, dark roasted coffee, although tasting stronger, does not contain more caffeine that lighter-roasted coffee.

Q. How should I buy coffee? Beans or Ground?

A. Always buy recently roasted coffee beans and grind the beans just before brewing to enjoy the best flavor. Coffee has only two ingredients – beans and water.  Use the best beans and pure filtered water.

Q. How do you brew the best coffee? What process should I use? What type of grinder?

A. KonAroma beans should be ground using a Burr type of grinder for consistency of the grind.  Most specialty coffee connoisseurs prefer either a “pour-over method” or a French press method for both proper control of the water temperature and the grind of the bean.  

Q.  Why is it that Kona coffee leaves no after taste or acidic bite?

A. Kona beans contain very little acidity due primarily to the volcanic soil conditions, ideal elevations of 2500 feet, mild temperatures, and afternoon rains.

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