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​(Starbucks for few Rubles.)

​(Tim Horton's...a Favorite Stop in Canada.)

​(A Vietnamese Coffee Store.)

After all the coffee shops where you can have a cup of coffee there is nothing like brewing your own fresh cup right at home!!!!!                                           "Ahh...Yes...That's KonAroma!"

​(Walk Right In.............)

​(Favorite Coffee Shop of Locals in Saigon.)

​(Favorite Coffee Shop of Locals in Saigon.)

​(Ethiopian Coffee.)

​(Yes......Really! Dunkin' Donuts in Moscow.)

​(Italian Coffee Shop at Dubai Shopping Mall.)

​(Similar to the Us....Russian Starbucks.)

A World of Coffee

​(Weasel Unusual Specialty.)

​(A Proud Coffee Grower and Consumer.)

​(Guatemalan Coffee.)

​(Airport at Danang.)

​(Canada's Second Cup.)