-Two Half pounds of KonAroma (Choose Roast)

-One four ounce package of Winfrey's Chocolate Covered Beans

-One Hawaiian Mug


​​A Little Aloha Package

(Four 1/2lb. bags)

Four 1/2lb. bags( 1/2lb. Light, Medium, Medium Dark, and Dark Roasts)



Four 1 lb. bags(1lb. Light, Medium, Medium Dark, and Dark Roasts


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A Little Aloha Package (Choose Roast)

​​Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark Roasts

Light Roast KonAroma Coffee Beans
Dark Roast KonAroma Ground Coffee
Medium Dark Roast KonAroma Ground Coffee
Medium Dark Roast KonAroma Coffee Beans

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Choose Light, Medium, Medium Dark or Dark Roast

​-Dark Roast: The dark roast is our French Roast. The bean color is a dark brown with an oily sheen. This is a classic dark roast with a bold but smooth taste. The dark roast has a caramel-like flavoring with a smoky aroma. It has a sweet-clean after taste with a velvety feel.

-Medium Dark Roast: The medium dark roast is our Vienna Roast. The bean color is a moderate dark brown with a light surface oil. This roast has a caramel flavoring with an aroma of buttery toast. The acidity is tangy with a mellow after taste.

-Medium Roast: This roast is a classic cup of Kona coffee with a fragrance of honey-wheat. The bean color is a medium brown with no oily sheen. The medium cup has a delicate acidity.

​-Light Roast: This is our newest roast, as opposed to the drum roast of our Medium, Medium Dark and Dark roast, this roast is done on a fluidbed (air roaster) roaster.  Light in color (think cinnamon), this roast retains more of the delicate Kona flavors and will give you a wonderful smooth and silky taste.  Light bodied, but lively, maintaining the sweetness of fresh Hawaiian fruit with a pleasing fullness of flavor with a spice accent of cinnamon in the aroma.


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Medium Roast KonAroma Ground Coffee
Medium Roast KonAroma Coffee Beans
Dark Roast KonAroma Coffee Beans


-One Pound of KonAroma coffee (Choose your roast)

-Handmade Kona coffee soy candle

-One Hawaiian styled coffee mug

-Two 4 oz. packages of Winfrey's KonAroma chocolate covered

coffee beans​​


(Four 1lb. bags)

It's All About The KonAroma

​​Jingle All the Way Package

​​The Hana Hou Package

(Hawaiian translation: Encore-Worth Repeating) 

The Hana Hou Package (Choose Roast)
Light Roast KonAroma Ground Coffee

For the freshest taste, it's best to grind beans prior to brewing.


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-One Pound of KonAroma (Choose Roast

-One Can of Macadamia Nuts

-Package of Cookies (includes 6 shortbreads, 2 mints, 2 toffees)

-A KonAroma flavored lip balm


​​It's All About The KonAroma

Never run out of KonAroma Coffee!

Don’t be fooled by the blends – KonAroma is 100% Kona Estate Coffee


Jingle All the Way Package (Choose Roast)